Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The West End Word should be called the West End & Loop Word. The front page featured an article about the problems at U City Hall.

It also mentioned that the new curfew in the Loop for unaccompanied minors is now 9 P.M.

There was a listing for Laughter for Life at Blueberry Hill on June 26th at 8 P.M. It is a benefit for Gateway To Hope. Lupe hopes it sells out!!! What a great fundraiser! (The Word lists 314.569.1113 as the number to call for more information.)

Not quite in the Loop, but close by in Forest Park, there is a free movie screening tomorrow, June 24th, at the Missouri History Museum. PBS presents PRINCE AMONG SLAVES, a true story about an African prince that was abducted and sold into slavery, but never allowed it to destroy him or his dignity. He fought for 40 years for his freedom, and then was freed. However his children and grandchildren were not freed, and he tried to raise the money to buy his children so they might return to Afrika with him. It starts at 7 PM.

And on June 25th, in front of the Art Museum, the Funky Butt Brass Band is playing for free. The listing in the Word promised a band with roots in Big Easy jazz funeral processions. Lupe is SO there Friday!

It also mentioned a documentary about the fierce "football" (soccer) fans in "Arch City." The film is titled A TIME FOR CHAMPIONS and it airs on PBS on June 28th at 7 PM. (You'll be at the Gateway to Hope benefit so set your dvr's. ;o)

Finally, in the West End Word and the more important word on the street, Let Them Eat Art is coming July 9th to Maplewood. Lupe really wishes events like this were occurring in the Loop, but downtown Maplewood has become very interesting in the last decade.

This event promises a fire shooting ice cream truck (Lupe is guessing this was a failed Burning Man vehicle). If that isn't enough, there is also a costume contest that is probably as close as Lupe is going to get to those crazy Parisian artist parades back in the 1920's.

The usual face painting, art selling, drinking, eating, and festivities are promised as well.

Lupe is looking forward to Let Them Eat Art more than she is looking forward to the Fourth of July fireworks, and Lupe likes fireworks A LOT!

Lupe also wanted to report that the Muny opened its 92nd Season this week, and as usual it was great! The Muny was the first municipally owned Theatre built in the country, and it is still going strong. It is a great place to support local talent and see all the "oldie but goodies" from Broadway.

And consistently good production, costumes and props! Plus, outdoors, which even in the awful humidity and heat--such as the night Lupe was there--it is still magical to watch a musical under the stars! Beauty And The Beast is very enjoyable!

(Lupe does find Disney completely sacharrine and suburban, but they do have a solid grasp of the musical form. And Lupe knows to rinse the bad taste out of her mouth with a screening of the Jean Cocteau film of the same title.

(She should also mention that Muny audiences are 98 percent white but that is changing. Although, it might change a little faster if they did Lion King and The Wiz and 1997 Cinderella a little more often!)

All this and there is still Circus Flora to see! Ingenioso ends on the 27th! And didn't Wicked just start at the Fox?

There is always such much to enjoy!

See you in the Loop!!!

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