Thursday, March 4, 2010


This little spot on Westgate is true gem for anyone that lives in the Loop!

EDIT 15 December 2012: Here is an update with pictures:

Not only do they have THE BEST falefil sandwiches and other Middle Eastern "deli" foods, but they also have a small grocery section that includes coconut juice, pita bread, turnip pickles, hotsauce, and tabuoli.

There is a big hookah pipe and tobacco selection for all the hookah fans in the Loop.

This is a family affair and everyone there is so nice and friendly! The food is always good no matter who makes it. And everyone who has dined with Lupe at Al Tarboush loves it and becomes a regular customer!!!

Nothing on the menu is over $6.

Lupe's favourite meal? Falafil sandwich with enough turnip pickles to be in every bite, plus a little extra tahini than they would put on usually, and a coconut juice drink. If you still have room try a walnut or almond baklava. (They have pistachio baklava, but the nut does not compliment the pastry, in Lupe's opinion.)

Lupe also frequently enjoys a meal of lentils and rice, with a side of tabouli, and a mango nectar.

EDIT: Update: And a snack that one of the sisters (it is a family business, all the sisters are wonderful!) gave Lupe a snack suggestion of triangles of pita with a spread of garlic sauce and then hummus, toasted in the toaster oven for a minute.  Trying not to eat all the bread and both containers of garlic sauce and hummus in one sitting is a challenge!

See you in the Loop!!

Al Tarboush 602 Westgate 314.725.1944

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