Tuesday, March 23, 2010


EDIT: The link works now and there are some GREAT photos!!! Guerrilla Florist is awesome!!!

Guerrilla Florist has delivered a heavy bouquet of nature appreciation to the Loop!!!

A beautiful creation of painted bamboo, calla lilies and black ring ties is on display in the Loop market area near the old Racanelli's.

The card says that if it remains Guerrilla Florist will remove it in three days.

The domain name on the printed card http://www.guerrillaflorist.com/ did not work at first but is up and running now!

What the world needs is more Guerrilla Florists!

The Loop always has something interesting, exciting and unique going on!!!

See you in the Loop!!!

PS-- Lupe needs a camera!


Custom Service Realty said...

I wanted to just quickly swoop it up and put it in my car to take it home (not sure it would have fit) - AMAZING!!!! I realize its for everyone however it was difficult to leave behind! Thanks Guerrilla's <3

Joanna said...

Hi there! I saw that installment on Monday as well - and I just clicked on the site and it looks like they're up now... very, very cool!

TammieHolland said...

Thank you so much for the story about the Guerilla Florist. Both of you have inspired me today.


Tammie Holland
Co-Host, "The Tony Scott Show"
Majic 104.9 FM

PS., I left you a message on my blog page.