Thursday, June 3, 2010


EDIT: The film was 74 minutes, not 7. The flyer had a typo. The film was very good and well-attended! Best of luck to the filmmakers!

As usual there are WAY too many great things going on in the Loop to keep up!

Here a few things Lupe wanted to be sure you know about.

A local St. Louis filmmaker will be presenting his indie short film at the Tivoli tonight and Sunday. IT SOOTHES MY SOUL. Lupe met the writer/director, Michael Larnell and was very impressed. She will be attending the Sunday screening. (Lupe is going to see L.A. ska stalwarts Fishbone at City Museum tonight.)

Screening times are 7 PM both days. Tickets are $7, which comes to about one dollar a minute for a seven minute film.

(7/7/7, hope this is lucky for the filmmaker!! The cost of an indie film to make is about $10,000 a minute. So the price to see this is worth every penny!)

Also tonight is Noir At The Bar, the monthly meeting of St. Louis crime and mystery writers at the Delmar Lounge. (Writers like Jedidiah Ayers.) Again, Lupe wishes she could be in two places at once!

Two other quick comments: the drum circle has vanished. Pushed out perhaps by the expansion of the Market Pub House. Or perhaps all things Bohemian and "cultcha" are leaving the Loop and migrating to the lower-rent South Grand area. She is very sad that this decades long tradition is leaving the Loop!

Finally, it appears that the Horse and Carriage rides were for that one weekend only. Which is really a shame. Because Lupe would like to ride from the Loop through Forest Park. Maybe it will become a regular feature soon!!!


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