Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Lupe is so lucky!! Not only does she live in the greatest neighbourhood in the world, surrounded by the most creative and interesting people, but she is privy to all the latest happenings!

Lupe happened to bump into local artist Sam Washburn on his way to I Con in Los Angeles. He had a big bag of little buttons, all with his delightful Animals in Suits! The buttons are for promotional purposes at the conference, so Lupe is doubly blessed!!!

Lupe was able to procure a Sheep, and a Lemur!!! How awesome is that!!!

Good luck, Sam! Lupe and the Loop wish you success!!!

See you in the Loop!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Tonight in Heman Park it is the Electric Funk Band. It's free and it's within walking distance of the Loop. (Walking distance for Loopies and urbanites, a bit far for the car culture and suburbanites, but still close.)

Also, tonight is Noir at the Bar with Jed Ayres and Scott Phillips. The Noir is Dennis Tafoya. The bar is the fabulous Delmar Lounge!

Listen to some music outdoors, then some stories inside... a perfect Loop Monday!!!

See you in the Loop!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


(EDIT 2013:  This is really an essay about the "problem" that created the curfew.  The curfew itself is 8 P.M. for anyone under 18 years of age. The curfew was previously instituted in the Mall and the West End, etc.  There are still not programmes or underage clubs of any sort developed or being developed to give under-privileged--and specifically African-American teens-- something to do in this city other than wander in takeover crowds in different parts of the city.)

The Loop has simply inherited a problem from the malls (and the Central West End, and downtown, to a lesser degree).

There is nothing for teenagers to do in America. Especially poor, urban teenagers, many of whom are black. We are so gadget oriented, so tuned into our screens (computer, television, games, iPods) that we have eliminated most of the cultural gathering places that teens need to socialise.

An adult has many options if s/he chooses to go out and interact with his/her peers. But where do underage teenagers go? Even if you have money in St. Louis, there are no more arcades (are there?), not enough skating rinks, skateboard ramps, alcohol-free or under-18 nightclubs; the only thing left are movie theaters and they appear to be going they way of the arcade.

If you live and work in the Loop, as Lupe does, you might notice that the streets will be packed with hundreds of children, and on some nights, the stores and restaurants will be sparsley occupied.

The teens do not spend money here. And there is an unruly element that starts fights (with each other, and ironically, often it is girl fights!), usually in groups, and destroys property. (One night it was cars parked in the back behind the stores. Sometimes a store window is broken.)

These are not local kids. These are not faces that you see during the winter, or even during the weekdays or weeknights. When there was a stronger community here, before Wash. U. bought so much of the rental property on the north side of Delmar, local teens were the dominant force in this neighbourhood. (And as rebellious and annoying as we were, it was our neighbourhood. We took care of it.)

It isn't out of control. It isn't rioting. But it is alot for this neighbourhood to handle and it doesn't seem to take much to get a group of kids running down the sidewalks and streets, and creating serious safety hazards.

Instead of pointing the finger at Joe Edwards, or the Loop, or the police, or the Galleria, or even the kids that cause trouble, the finger needs to be pointed back at ourselves. I.E., those of us that call ourselves adults. If we can't be bothered to interact with teenagers, to make a place for them, to lead by example, then our whole society will have to pay the consequences.

This is great opportunity for youth groups to do outreach work. Also education, and volunteer groups, church and military. Send your recruiters, family planning, event organisers, etc. to the Loop on weekend nights between 8-10 PM and you can reach a lot of young people.

Even better, how about some entrepreneur open up a teen club? Or an arcade, or ANYTHING where teens can go to socialise? How about a weekend afternoon to evening club where there were singing, dance, beauty and rap/poetry contests and open mikes? One with a great internet presence where the winners could be posted each week.

Lupe is certain that would not only solve the "teen problem" but also make gads of money and probably create a bunch of St. Louis celebrities! It wouldn't even have to be in the Loop, but it would be nice if it was.

And young people, we Loopies do understand why you come here to hang out! This is a great place to enjoy yourself!! In fact, it is a great place for EVERYONE to enjoy themselves! Keep the "I saw what you said on Facebook" fights out of the Loop. This is a place of great diversity and freedom and that requires some responsibility on everyone's part.

Also, kids, you are probably not spending any money. It wouldn't hurt to give a some respect to the people that are.

Because if the people that are spending their money here go away, this area won't be fun for you to come hang out in. Capeesh??

See you in the Loop!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The West End Word should be called the West End & Loop Word. The front page featured an article about the problems at U City Hall.

It also mentioned that the new curfew in the Loop for unaccompanied minors is now 9 P.M.

There was a listing for Laughter for Life at Blueberry Hill on June 26th at 8 P.M. It is a benefit for Gateway To Hope. Lupe hopes it sells out!!! What a great fundraiser! (The Word lists 314.569.1113 as the number to call for more information.)

Not quite in the Loop, but close by in Forest Park, there is a free movie screening tomorrow, June 24th, at the Missouri History Museum. PBS presents PRINCE AMONG SLAVES, a true story about an African prince that was abducted and sold into slavery, but never allowed it to destroy him or his dignity. He fought for 40 years for his freedom, and then was freed. However his children and grandchildren were not freed, and he tried to raise the money to buy his children so they might return to Afrika with him. It starts at 7 PM.

And on June 25th, in front of the Art Museum, the Funky Butt Brass Band is playing for free. The listing in the Word promised a band with roots in Big Easy jazz funeral processions. Lupe is SO there Friday!

It also mentioned a documentary about the fierce "football" (soccer) fans in "Arch City." The film is titled A TIME FOR CHAMPIONS and it airs on PBS on June 28th at 7 PM. (You'll be at the Gateway to Hope benefit so set your dvr's. ;o)

Finally, in the West End Word and the more important word on the street, Let Them Eat Art is coming July 9th to Maplewood. Lupe really wishes events like this were occurring in the Loop, but downtown Maplewood has become very interesting in the last decade.

This event promises a fire shooting ice cream truck (Lupe is guessing this was a failed Burning Man vehicle). If that isn't enough, there is also a costume contest that is probably as close as Lupe is going to get to those crazy Parisian artist parades back in the 1920's.

The usual face painting, art selling, drinking, eating, and festivities are promised as well.

Lupe is looking forward to Let Them Eat Art more than she is looking forward to the Fourth of July fireworks, and Lupe likes fireworks A LOT!

Lupe also wanted to report that the Muny opened its 92nd Season this week, and as usual it was great! The Muny was the first municipally owned Theatre built in the country, and it is still going strong. It is a great place to support local talent and see all the "oldie but goodies" from Broadway.

And consistently good production, costumes and props! Plus, outdoors, which even in the awful humidity and heat--such as the night Lupe was there--it is still magical to watch a musical under the stars! Beauty And The Beast is very enjoyable!

(Lupe does find Disney completely sacharrine and suburban, but they do have a solid grasp of the musical form. And Lupe knows to rinse the bad taste out of her mouth with a screening of the Jean Cocteau film of the same title.

(She should also mention that Muny audiences are 98 percent white but that is changing. Although, it might change a little faster if they did Lion King and The Wiz and 1997 Cinderella a little more often!)

All this and there is still Circus Flora to see! Ingenioso ends on the 27th! And didn't Wicked just start at the Fox?

There is always such much to enjoy!

See you in the Loop!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


If, like Lupe, you are sad that Twilight Tuesdays in Forest Park has ended, you will be glad to hear that the University City Starlight concert series began last Monday night in Heman Park! Performances are from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The series kicked off with the Murder City Players and ends with Kim Massie, but Lupe could not get the schedule to download from the website.


If that wasn't enough excitement for you, on Tuesday nights beginning tomorrow you can hear Tom Poshak conduct the Summer Band series in the Market in the Loop. 85 musicians or more make up this orchestra, an annual favourite since 1961!


Not in the Loop, but nearby and always fun, the Muny kicks off it's 92st season with Beauty and The Beast.

All of this entertainment is FREE!!! (Well, at the Muny you have to sit in the free seats, but you know what Lupe means...)

See you in the Loop!!!

*** Those of you that are civically minded will notice that there are links on this page to the new Parks plan, as well.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lupe needs to retract some of her earlier statements about the "hideous fast food chains" in the Loop.

True, Lupe prefers the indies, but she does eat her fair share of Subway, Panera, and Noodles and Company. Especially Noodles And Company.

They might be corporate but this particular Noodles And Company understands just how special and "u"-nique the Delmar Loop is! Many of the employees are from the neighbourhood, which is nice for Lupe. They also have a community bulletin board in the restaurant and they give a 10% discount to Loop employees and business owners.

Their food is very good for a fast food place, and very diverse. They also offer extensive vegetarian options, which is a big plus in this area. Basically, the menu is divided into Asian, Mediterranean and American.

The entrees and salads are either regular or small, and you can completely customize your order. They have chicken (either parmesan crusted or regular), beef (braised or sauteed), sauteed shrimp, meatballs, or tofu. You can also add extra vegetables or cheese for an additonal charge.

Lupe doesn't order from the Asian portion of the menu very often simply because she eats so much of Mr. Pat's Thai food. They do have a great Chinese Chop Salad, though. Very fresh crispy vegetables, consistently, and a good dressing. The Japanese pan noodles with tofu is also very good.

She really enjoys the Mediterranean portion the most, however. The Med salad is great with plain chicken, as is the Pasta Fresca, Pasta Cavatappi, and the Tuscan Whole Grain Linguine.

In the winter, Mushroom stroganoff is great, as are the Buttered Noodles. Lupe doesn't eat alot of meatballs, but she has heard that the Spaghetti and Meatballs are awesome. She sees alot of people eating them everyday, too, winter and summer.

Noodles & Company also has a great drink selection, including beer and wine, and organic milk! Way to go with the organic!

They also have Rice Krispies treats for $1.50!! Lupe is trying to get bikini friendly so she has been ignoring them, sitting on the counter, staring at her, whenever she comes into get a salad. The rice krispie treats are VERY hard to resist!!!!

They have a great Israeli style cucumber and tomato salad, although it is much smaller than the portion would be at an Israeli fish fry place. (Not that there appear to be any Israeli restaurants in St. Louis. But as you regular readers know, Lupe has been living in LA for many years, and often becomes nostalgic.)

If you are in a hurry, or if your budget is $8-$10 for your meal, than Noodles & Company is the place for you. Also if you have a large group. They have a great deal on their Square Bowls, for $16-$22 you can feed at least 4 people, and it comes with salad, too. And they have plenty of seating for large groups.

6310 Delmar
Noodles & Company on Urbanspoon
See you in The LOOP!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, so Lupe caught the tail end of the drum circle last night! It was great, if not very well attended. The afternoon showers and probably the confusion about the new time were contributors. (It ends now when it used to just be really getting started!)

And the Market Pub House patio has made it difficult for all the hula and fire dancers to perform. (You can see them "unlit" at the drum circle and then head over to the fountain in front of the Art Museum to see them "on fire.")

But it was great to have the "heartbeat" of the Loop back!

There is a serious lack of reggae in the Loop! Currently only Saturday nights at Loop-adjacent Queen of Sheba, and on Wednesdays in the Central West End at Club Viva.

Speaking of which, a certain "royal" daytime bartender at Fitz's is having her birthday bash this week at Viva, starting at 10:30, so Lupe hopes that many Loopies will attend!

See you in the Loop!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, the West End Word is Lupe's new favourite newspaper. You might recall this post on the new U. City parking regulations. Well, the new issue is full of great Loop news, most of it from David Linzee. (And much of it reporting on things Lupe also enjoys, including the sculpture series. Mr. Linzee is kindred spirit, it seems.)

So, the drum circle is back, but only til 7PM, which explains why Lupe keeps missing it. (Lupe works Sundays.)

Lupe was also reminded that the University City Festival is coming up on the 19th. All sorts of events will be going on, including live music, crafts, sports, bbq, and an interactive type of art show. It starts at 11 and ends about 8:30 PM. It seems mostly scheduled for Heman Park, but there are some activities at Centennial Commons.

Both are just a hop skip and jump from the Loop and this promises to be a really awesome event!!

Lupe also saw an ad in the Word for yoga in Forest Park every Sunday morning from 10 to 11. What a great way to start the day! Then head back over to the Loop for some pancakes at Blueberry Hill!

Or, if you are off work on Friday mornings, there is Naturalist Walking Tour at 10 A.M. Meet at the Visitor and Education Centre.

And don't forget that the performances of Hamlet in Forest Park will end next Sunday, the 20th.

There is just always so many exciting things happening in and around the Loop!!!

See you in the Loop!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Lupe had too much fun at the 48 Hour Film Project last night and FORGOT about the World Cup! Can you believe it?

Anyhow, in Meshuggah this morning there were a lot of unfamiliar faces wearing football shirts from different countries. (Lupe uses the term "morning" very loosely to mean "when Lupe eats breakfast"--- whatever time that happens to be!)

So, if you want to watch the World Cup, head to Meshuggah early in the morning!!! Lupe will be drinking beer (can you watch football and NOT drink? Lupe has never tried), not a honey vanilla latte.

See you in the Loop!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


EDIT: Here is the latest, as of 6/10/10.

The owner of Gyro House was shot and killed. Click on the link for the News report.

It was not Loop related, despite any wild rumours you might have heard. He had been gone from the Loop for many hours, no one followed him, and he was on his way back to close up his shop. It appears to be a random crime particular to Maplewood, not the Loop.

However, Loopies showed up en masse for the Memorial Service Monday night. RIP Ahmed Eltawmi, you will be missed! And much sympathy to the family for their loss.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


EDIT: The film was 74 minutes, not 7. The flyer had a typo. The film was very good and well-attended! Best of luck to the filmmakers!

As usual there are WAY too many great things going on in the Loop to keep up!

Here a few things Lupe wanted to be sure you know about.

A local St. Louis filmmaker will be presenting his indie short film at the Tivoli tonight and Sunday. IT SOOTHES MY SOUL. Lupe met the writer/director, Michael Larnell and was very impressed. She will be attending the Sunday screening. (Lupe is going to see L.A. ska stalwarts Fishbone at City Museum tonight.)

Screening times are 7 PM both days. Tickets are $7, which comes to about one dollar a minute for a seven minute film.

(7/7/7, hope this is lucky for the filmmaker!! The cost of an indie film to make is about $10,000 a minute. So the price to see this is worth every penny!)

Also tonight is Noir At The Bar, the monthly meeting of St. Louis crime and mystery writers at the Delmar Lounge. (Writers like Jedidiah Ayers.) Again, Lupe wishes she could be in two places at once!

Two other quick comments: the drum circle has vanished. Pushed out perhaps by the expansion of the Market Pub House. Or perhaps all things Bohemian and "cultcha" are leaving the Loop and migrating to the lower-rent South Grand area. She is very sad that this decades long tradition is leaving the Loop!

Finally, it appears that the Horse and Carriage rides were for that one weekend only. Which is really a shame. Because Lupe would like to ride from the Loop through Forest Park. Maybe it will become a regular feature soon!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ever noticed "Tivoli" backwards (or upside down) spells I LOV IT!!!!!


(Loopie The Mad Russian actually pointed this out to Lupe.)

See you in the Loop!!!


(EDIT: Update 6 March 2013: Parking meters on Delmar are Monday through Saturday, until 9 P.M. and 25 cents for 20 minutes, with an average 4 hour limit.)

Lupe had forgotten that the parking regulations in the U City portion of the Loop had changed. She had forgotten because the signs have not changed.

However, an article in the West End Word reminded her.

The new parking meter regulations are:
8AM to 8PM Monday through Saturday
and it is going to be 75 cents per hour instead of 50 cents.

These will go in effect June 17th, Lupe supposes. Hopefully U City will get the new signs put in before then.

See you in the Loop!!!