Friday, February 21, 2014


“All I ever really wanted to be was a nice person,” he [John Thompson] said. “I believe in the old adage that what you aspire to be is what you are. I'm going to have them carry me out of here on my shield, just like an old warrior."

The heart and soul of the Loop neighbourhood has passed away.  John Thompson, who worked at the Tivoli for 35 years, died on February 12, 2014.

If you were lucky enough to know John than you know that the outpouring of love and praise for him is not exaggerated or undeserved.  He was a genuinely warm and kind person, very intelligent, interesting AND interested-- in everything!-- and a true Loopie.

We were lucky to have him with us for 74 years.  Even as unique as the many stores and businesses that have had Loop addresses over the years, a person like John is what really makes a community a neighbourhood. 

“He was the kindest person I’ve ever known,” said Tivoli Theatre manager, Tom Anson. It was a widely echoed sentiment.

He managed to spread joy without a computer or answering machine. “We bought him one (of the latter) – twice,” his brother laughed, “but if your birthday or anniversary was coming up, you got a card from John. He had a manual calendar and every year he’d sit down and fill it in for the New Year. There’s a card shop somewhere in St. Louis that may go out of business.”

Both the quote from John and from Tom Anson are from this article:

The memorial is at St. Roch's on Waterman, February 22 at 10 AM.  

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