Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, the West End Word is Lupe's new favourite newspaper. You might recall this post on the new U. City parking regulations. Well, the new issue is full of great Loop news, most of it from David Linzee. (And much of it reporting on things Lupe also enjoys, including the sculpture series. Mr. Linzee is kindred spirit, it seems.)

So, the drum circle is back, but only til 7PM, which explains why Lupe keeps missing it. (Lupe works Sundays.)

Lupe was also reminded that the University City Festival is coming up on the 19th. All sorts of events will be going on, including live music, crafts, sports, bbq, and an interactive type of art show. It starts at 11 and ends about 8:30 PM. It seems mostly scheduled for Heman Park, but there are some activities at Centennial Commons.

Both are just a hop skip and jump from the Loop and this promises to be a really awesome event!!

Lupe also saw an ad in the Word for yoga in Forest Park every Sunday morning from 10 to 11. What a great way to start the day! Then head back over to the Loop for some pancakes at Blueberry Hill!

Or, if you are off work on Friday mornings, there is Naturalist Walking Tour at 10 A.M. Meet at the Visitor and Education Centre.

And don't forget that the performances of Hamlet in Forest Park will end next Sunday, the 20th.

There is just always so many exciting things happening in and around the Loop!!!

See you in the Loop!!

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