Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lupe needs to retract some of her earlier statements about the "hideous fast food chains" in the Loop.

True, Lupe prefers the indies, but she does eat her fair share of Subway, Panera, and Noodles and Company. Especially Noodles And Company.

They might be corporate but this particular Noodles And Company understands just how special and "u"-nique the Delmar Loop is! Many of the employees are from the neighbourhood, which is nice for Lupe. They also have a community bulletin board in the restaurant and they give a 10% discount to Loop employees and business owners.

Their food is very good for a fast food place, and very diverse. They also offer extensive vegetarian options, which is a big plus in this area. Basically, the menu is divided into Asian, Mediterranean and American.

The entrees and salads are either regular or small, and you can completely customize your order. They have chicken (either parmesan crusted or regular), beef (braised or sauteed), sauteed shrimp, meatballs, or tofu. You can also add extra vegetables or cheese for an additonal charge.

Lupe doesn't order from the Asian portion of the menu very often simply because she eats so much of Mr. Pat's Thai food. They do have a great Chinese Chop Salad, though. Very fresh crispy vegetables, consistently, and a good dressing. The Japanese pan noodles with tofu is also very good.

She really enjoys the Mediterranean portion the most, however. The Med salad is great with plain chicken, as is the Pasta Fresca, Pasta Cavatappi, and the Tuscan Whole Grain Linguine.

In the winter, Mushroom stroganoff is great, as are the Buttered Noodles. Lupe doesn't eat alot of meatballs, but she has heard that the Spaghetti and Meatballs are awesome. She sees alot of people eating them everyday, too, winter and summer.

Noodles & Company also has a great drink selection, including beer and wine, and organic milk! Way to go with the organic!

They also have Rice Krispies treats for $1.50!! Lupe is trying to get bikini friendly so she has been ignoring them, sitting on the counter, staring at her, whenever she comes into get a salad. The rice krispie treats are VERY hard to resist!!!!

They have a great Israeli style cucumber and tomato salad, although it is much smaller than the portion would be at an Israeli fish fry place. (Not that there appear to be any Israeli restaurants in St. Louis. But as you regular readers know, Lupe has been living in LA for many years, and often becomes nostalgic.)

If you are in a hurry, or if your budget is $8-$10 for your meal, than Noodles & Company is the place for you. Also if you have a large group. They have a great deal on their Square Bowls, for $16-$22 you can feed at least 4 people, and it comes with salad, too. And they have plenty of seating for large groups.
6310 Delmar
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See you in The LOOP!!!

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