Monday, June 18, 2012


There were no Bloomsday readings of Ulysses in the Loop this year so Lupe went to Contamination.  A convention that had the interesting combination of Kitten Natividad and Seka (both still smoking hot and sexy!) along with the Munsters cast, horror writers, Steampunk clothiers, artists, and some homemade salsa sales men.  A bit of different mix, but very interesting! Would have been better if it had been in the Loop though!  Lupe apologizes that she did not keep better records and will have to try to come back and better identify the rest of the photos.

These first two photographs, above, are of local filmmaker Wyatt Weed.  (Shadowland, Pirate Pictures).  With the Predator 2 creatures he worked on the modelling and sculpting.

Lupe also went to see rocker legend Alice Cooper at the Pageant.

If you love Orianthi you will enjoy this interview by Jesse James Mozzocolli.