Saturday, March 6, 2010


If you haven't already seen this week's issue of the Riverfront Times, three of the bloggers featured are "Loopie's".

On page 11, the title page, is Adam Shriver, sitting in Meshuggah. On page 12 take a gander at Mike Flynn, standing in front of Fitz's. On page 16 Kelly Von Ploski, Subterranean Books proprietor and blogger extraordinaire; and on page 17, is Joe Stumble photographed in Riddles?

If that wasn't enough to distinguish this already distinguished neighbourhood, the West End Word also featured Loop events.

The front page previews the page 6 article on Brittany Woods middle school's attempt to bring a double decker bus to the Loop. The photograph also features Loop local Tony Street.

Lupe appreciates Tony's sax playing a lot. Street musicians contribute greatly to the lively and creative atmosphere of the Loop, and Tony is a great musician! He is always tapped into the "tune" of the day!

Congrats Loopies!

See you in the Loop!

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pjchristodoulou said...

We've even spread to south county! Loopie's Market in Crestwood Mall is home to four artists and crafters who met in the weekend outdoor market two years ago on Delmar, plus two more whose work we carry. For more info see us on Facebook.