Thursday, December 31, 2009


Lupe feels that wherever she is, on ANY day of the year, that is just where the party is happening, or about to happen. Therefore, usually she does not celebrate "Amateur Night."

This year, Lupe got all dressed up at 11 o'clock in the morning. Hopefully her premature costuming will help overcome the lack of holiday cheer. She understands not celebrating the consumer frenzy of America's cultural holiday, Christmas. But she is not sure why so many people are ignoring tonight's annual Bacchanal?

Three months from now you probably won't remember the reason that made you decide to not do anything for New Year's. In three months you will remember, however, the stunning get up you pulled together out of nowhere, the invitation you accepted at the last minute... and perhaps the hangover you had, coyote ugly "date" you woke up with... okay, well, go out and be fabulous, but don't overdo it!

It's not too late to put on a crazy New Year hat, throw together something dressy, or a full-on masquerade ball costume. Then, come on down to the Loop-- there are plenty of places to join the party!

Lupe thinks it is even more important to celebrate when times are lean than it is to celebrate when times are fat!!!


EDIT: What a fabulous celebration at the Delmar Lounge!!! Yummy garlic fries, jerk chicken, and those delicious grits! No cover, free glass of champagne, plus plenty of red, white and blue hats, noisemakers and tiaras. (I won't say "leftover Fourth of July" if you won't ;o) Rail drinks were $3 and the place was well attended. Everyone was merry and bright and there was much laughter!!!

Lupe did not get as bedazzled and bejeweled as she had planned, as the evening turned into a night more about relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones, and texting Happy New Year's wishes to Los Angeles and other parts of the known and unknown universe.

It was a wonderful and promising night here in the Delmar Loop!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


It does seem to be a very lackluster holiday this year, what with the economy preventing the usual commercial feeding frenzy. Lupe is certain the the Who's will sing on Christmas morning, even though the Grinch stole all of their presents and decorations. Most likely Scrooge will be haunted, George Bailey will see a world devoid of his presence, and Santa will leave something in the little ones stockings.

(Lupe considers Christmas a cultural holiday in America-- for the most part secular, not sacred. However, Lupe has been wishing people a "Happy Holiday of Your Choice!" in keeping with the diversity of beliefs that co-exist peacefully in the Loop!)

Lupe was very encouraged by the small but steady stream of people that flowed into the Loop today to purchase carefully chosen gifts from streamlined gift lists. And everyone seemed to be in good spirits!

Pizazz unleashed a monstrous beast of helium and human: a many legged creature of orange and purple-- a man in big balloon suit, that went wandering haplessly through the Loop. Very entertaining on a grey and cold day!

In other Loop news, there was an accident at the corner of Skinker and Delmar on Thursday night. Lupe only witnessed the aftermath, but it did look somewhat serious. A yellow VW bug with the front smashed in and fluids all over the pavement. Lupe found it distressing that the car remained in the intersection for so long. The police were there, but there were no flares around the car and it was partially blocking the intersection.

Of course, Lupe has been living in Los Angeles for some time now. In LaLa Land the tow truck often arrives before the police.

Ciao for now and come to visit the Delmar Loop soon!!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Lupe is finally back in her beloved Loop after a 16 month absence!!!

So much has changed! The Moonrise for one thing!! Lupe loves it and cannot wait to eat at the Eclipse restaurant! (Everyone says the lobster pot pie is delicious!!!) Lupe has spoken with a number of Missouri "tourists" who have chosen the Moonrise as their weekend romantic, getaway destination. So it is nice to know that it is bringing lots of people to enjoy the Loop, as well as giving seasoned visitors a close place to stay.

And it looks like Joe Edwards will finally get that Loop trolley, and Lupe can't wait to see it. The maquette in Blueberry Hill's window is very promising. And it will certainly cut down on drunk drivers leaving the Loop. The trolley will go the Deballivere Metro stop, so that either train can be caught after enjoying a late night in the Loop.

The street looks so pretty-- all dressed up for the Holiday Season! Lupe heard a rumour that decorations will be replaced next year, as this year's budget did not allow. But even though they have seen many a solstice, the street looks wonderfully cheerful and festive.

The Loop is definitely a woman, if neighbourhoods had to choose a gender, and like a woman she likes to get dressed up! The new (but retro-looking), uniformly placed, green streetlights from the University City Hall all the way to the Delmar metrolink station, add to the beauty of the street!

Yummy Loop meals that Lupe has enjoyed since returning include a type of samosa or rangoon appetizer at the Thai pizza place next to the Delmar Lounge, and a "grits" dish at the Delmar itself. (Lupe would have used the word "polenta" instead, but the recipe is sooooo delicious no matter how you nameit. ) Also the wonderful pies at PI have been keeping Lupe satisfied.

Light Up The Loop is this Saturday, December 5th, all afternoon, and Lupe sure hopes that everyone is coming! All the stores are dressing up their windows, and it promises to be as beautiful as the Champs Elysee's!!!

See You In the Loop!