Friday, April 23, 2010


All of the annoying construction going on along Delmar's sidewalks is about to end.

It seems that Ameren EU is removing the overhead power lines and putting in underground cable. According to Lupe's sources the work was done from Limit to Kingsland. The underground cable will be safer and more efficient than the overhead lines.

There were also survey teams out to repair some of the curbs at the cross streets along Delmar. Hopefully someone will have the foresight to put in more cross walks as well.

See you in the Loop!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lupe loves the Guerrilla Florist!! Lupe did not think that a chance afternoon errand would turn into an adventure!!! But, of course, this IS the Delmar Loop, where magical things are mundane!

So as Lupe adjourned her business at Screenz, she thought to stop at the Loop farmer's market for some fresh fruit.

In front of the Klinge sculpture, just a few feet away from the site of the very first Guerrilla Florist installation, was a new "bouquet" of corn husk rings and beautiful textured dried flowers, pods, leaves, vines, and a red plant that looked like a sea anemone. (This installation has amazing visual texture.)

The Guerrilla Florist website has photos of the twin installation on the other Klinge sculpture in front of Craft Alliance.

See you in the Loop!!!

Edit: The installation in front of Craft Alliance is truly a work of art! Very beautiful and stunning textures, colours, and arrangments!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Monday is Lupe's day off. An ideal Monday off for Lupe begins with pancakes at Blueberry Hill.

Lupe did not think she would like Blueberry Hill's pancakes as much as she likes IHOP. But she does. So amazing Lupe does not have words.

And they serve them all day. Lupe has them at dinnertime, sometimes, after a stroll in Forest Park. Or she eats pancakes at midnight, after singing karaoke at Brandts.

So if you think Blueberry Hill is all cheeseburgers and beer, think again!

Think pancakes!

See you in the Loop!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Re: Lupe's previous post
EDIT: is the link to the series.

"Whale Forest" is an art installation!! Lupe is not very observant in the morning. There is a sign that clearly states this. Lupe had not had her coffee.

There is also another one in the park: A Meeting of Individuals. It is so cool Lupe hopes they leave it there forever. If you walk up on it at night it looks like aliens or angels. The figures glow with an otherworldly intelligence.

There are also a few more sculpture installations along Delmar around City Hall. They seem to be a series called "Reflections." Each one is an historical photograph printed on a glass panel and then situated so that you can look through it at the site of the picture today. Lupe finds it muy awesome!

The Sculpture Series is just another great reason to visit the Loop!!!
See you in the Loop!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


A wonderfully pleasant way to spend an early spring morning is to walk west on Delmar, through the Lion gates, to the park just passed Big Bend.

Lupe did just that the other morning. She likes to watch the ducks. Currently, a male mallard and male wood duck are in residence. Either their mates are hidden somewhere near by, or they await the women. (As all men do... and should...)

As Lupe was leaving, she noticed a number of whale and dolphin pinatas up in one of the oak trees. Now, there were about four or five, and they were up too high for anyone to break them open. They were also quite buoyant in the breeze, which made Lupe think perhaps they were empty.

Perhaps this is another stealth artist, like Guerrilla Florist? Lupe does not know.

Maybe a reader knows?

See you in the Loop!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The trees that line Delmar are Bradford Pear trees. When they first bloom they smell like semen and everyone complains.

Then they start snowing petals and they are so pretty no one remembers the smell... well, no one tries to remember the smell...

Friday, April 2, 2010


Lupe is so honoured to be mentioned by the fabulous Tammie Holland. Seems Lupe's blog was the sole reporter of the guerrilla florist installation in the Loop! Yay Lupe!!

Thank you Tammie Holland for the great compliment and the well wishes!! What an honour!!!

See you in the Loop!!!