Thursday, February 21, 2013


Did you know that one in three women will experience violent abuse, assault and/or rape?  That is over one billion people in this world (7 billion total population, divided in half, and then 1/3 of 3.5 billion).

Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues started One Billion Rising last year, and this year was a spectacular victory for women globally.

The St. Louis local RISING was a flash dance mob at the Missouri History Museum, sponsored by the excellent Safe Connections.

It was well-attended and fun!

(Back in Lupe's day making revolution and changing the world was hard work! These young whipper snappers sure don't know how lucky they are, DANCING and HAVING FUN to change the world!  ;o)

Go to the One Billion Rising site to learn the BREAK THE CHAIN dance, choreographed by Debbie Allen.

Lupe's favourite soundtrack for Rising Up and Breaking The Chain is Shelia Chandra's La Sagesse!

See you, Rising Up, in the Loop!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


This a great place, just a few blocks from the Loop, at the corner of Vernon and Kingsland,  in the building that was previously the Weekend Outlet for Good Works.

Lupe loves Good Works furniture, but she loves good food even more!  Vernon's has made a nice dining area, very spacious and spare.  Very kid-friendly and always so nice and clean.  The staff is very efficient and friendly, and always willing to go that extra step to make sure you are totally satisfied.

Lupe has eaten there three times, and has had the smoked tofu each time. It is unbelievably delicious with the peanut sauce. (No bun for Lupe, though. White bread and tofu don't mix, although that has nothing to do with Vernon's :o)

She has also had the Burnt End Beans, the Horseradish potato salad, the corn bread, and the coleslaw. Lupe's companions have had the beef brisket and the ribs.  Everything is delicious and well-made, and the cornbread is dense and sweet, a full meal in and of itself.

Lupe is not a BBQ connoisseur, so she does not know of what style this is.  However, she finds that the base seems to be a sweet/tangy with added spice (as opposed to what Lupe considers the other main kind of BBQ, which is vinegar/spice with added sweet).  Lupe doesn't know if that helps or hurts, but that is her only description other than YUM!!!!

They have five homemade sauces- Lupe has tried all but the very hot one.   She likes the Peach the best for the meat, and the Peanut one ALOT  because it compliments the tofu so well.

The pick two is so generous that two people can share!  Get the pints of the sides though, especially the cole slaw! Otherwise you will eat it all up too fast and be sad there is no more.

So delicious!

Lupe is drooling now, so she has to sign off and make a Vernon's run!

See you in the Loop!

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