Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, so Lupe caught the tail end of the drum circle last night! It was great, if not very well attended. The afternoon showers and probably the confusion about the new time were contributors. (It ends now when it used to just be really getting started!)

And the Market Pub House patio has made it difficult for all the hula and fire dancers to perform. (You can see them "unlit" at the drum circle and then head over to the fountain in front of the Art Museum to see them "on fire.")

But it was great to have the "heartbeat" of the Loop back!

There is a serious lack of reggae in the Loop! Currently only Saturday nights at Loop-adjacent Queen of Sheba, and on Wednesdays in the Central West End at Club Viva.

Speaking of which, a certain "royal" daytime bartender at Fitz's is having her birthday bash this week at Viva, starting at 10:30, so Lupe hopes that many Loopies will attend!

See you in the Loop!!!

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