Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Subterranean Books really is the best bookstore on earth. It is not the size of a mega-chain, or even half the size of St. Louis chain Left Bank Books, but the selection is so wonderfully refined! And always there are so many enticing titles in the window display, reminding one of what a fascinating world we live in.

Lupe just spent a few moments window shopping at Subby: The Lego Visual Dictionary of Star Wars; What The Internet Has Done To Our Minds; The Typewriter is Holy; Black Is The New White; The Art Of McSweeneys. Lupe has always felt it was unfair that readers and non-readers are both afforded the same amount of hours in a day. There is more to read in Subby's windows any week of the year than one person has the leisure time to pursue.

In the other window is a small sampling of the new art exhibit in the Loft: Insider Art. It is art created by prison inmates. The Riverfront Times points out in its review "Artistic Convictions" that "our correctional facilities exist to rehabilitate criminal behaviours, not to simply punish."

Lupe is glad that this exhibit came to Subby, and not to another store, even Left Bank, because if any neighbourhood in the St. Louis area has the people capable of truly solving societies "unsolvable" problems, it is in the Loop. Only here do you find such an intense concentration of intelligent, educated people; the young people, unafraid of flaunting conventions or breaking societies rules; free spirits unafraid to try new things, or do old things in new ways.

There are always students coming to the Loop seeking subjects for their term papers and doctoral theses. Or doing surveys, often asking questions about problems like crime and incarceration, either verbally or in writing.

The group that organized the show, Inside Dharma, helps prisoners to change their ways. All proceeds from art sales go to the group. The reception is Friday night at 7 P.M. Check out for details.

See you in The Loop!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lupe's favourite Loop fast food chain, Noodles and Company, now has sandwiches.

Lupe has tried the Med Wrap and the Spicy Chicken wrap and both are good and worthy of the Noodles and Company name. Both have been added to the Lupe Consumption List.

Not only do you get the wrap (in that yummy flatbread that they sell as a side), but you also get your choice of side salad or side caesar salad, and for less than $6! (And don't forget that Loop employees and office workers get the 10% Loop discount!)

Lupe also learned that, contrary to Loop rumours, they are not now- nor have they ever been- owned by Pepsi. They are a small chain originating in Colorado.

Lupe is pretty sure that she pays someone's salary there, as she eats there so frequently, and really that is about the best recommendation she give.

See you in the Loop!