Thursday, April 15, 2010


Re: Lupe's previous post
EDIT: is the link to the series.

"Whale Forest" is an art installation!! Lupe is not very observant in the morning. There is a sign that clearly states this. Lupe had not had her coffee.

There is also another one in the park: A Meeting of Individuals. It is so cool Lupe hopes they leave it there forever. If you walk up on it at night it looks like aliens or angels. The figures glow with an otherworldly intelligence.

There are also a few more sculpture installations along Delmar around City Hall. They seem to be a series called "Reflections." Each one is an historical photograph printed on a glass panel and then situated so that you can look through it at the site of the picture today. Lupe finds it muy awesome!

The Sculpture Series is just another great reason to visit the Loop!!!
See you in the Loop!

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