Monday, March 22, 2010


There are many multiple business owners in the Loop. This does not surprise Lupe! Everyone wants to be a part of the greatest neighbourhood in the world!

Joe Edwards is the most obvious multiple business owner, with Blueberry Hill, Halo Bar, Pageant, Pin-Up Bowl, and Moonrise Hotel. And not too mention all the real estate he owns: the Tivoli building and Blueberry Hill's location, along with many smaller buildings on Delmar! He's a one man zoning commission.

Others include the owner of Sole & Blues and G'sell boutiques, and the owner of Sunshine Daydream and also The Emporium Smoke Shop.

The winner, in Lupe's opinion, is Pat of Pat's Thai restaurant fame. There are five-- count 'em five!-- Thai restaurants in University City, four of them in the Loop! All are delicious, all are wonderful, and all represent different aspects of Thai cuisine.

Lupe has never met Mr. Pat, but she loves his food and loves his spirit! Here is a man that loves the food of his homeland and is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is!

Lupe's current favourite is Thai Gai Yang cafe. She enjoys the Tom Kha Gai & Tom Yum Gai soups, the sticky rice, the soft roll, and crab rangoon.

She also loves the Thai pizza. The Thai Crab appetizer is sooo good! It is like a Thai samosa! Yummy! And the chicken satay pizza is delicious.

Lupe is on a quest to eat at every one of the Thai places. So far, she has not had a disappointing experience. The food and service is always consistently good!

See you in the Loop!!!

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