Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lupe's favourite Loop fast food chain, Noodles and Company, now has sandwiches.

Lupe has tried the Med Wrap and the Spicy Chicken wrap and both are good and worthy of the Noodles and Company name. Both have been added to the Lupe Consumption List.

Not only do you get the wrap (in that yummy flatbread that they sell as a side), but you also get your choice of side salad or side caesar salad, and for less than $6! (And don't forget that Loop employees and office workers get the 10% Loop discount!)

Lupe also learned that, contrary to Loop rumours, they are not now- nor have they ever been- owned by Pepsi. They are a small chain originating in Colorado.

Lupe is pretty sure that she pays someone's salary there, as she eats there so frequently, and really that is about the best recommendation she give.

See you in the Loop!

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