Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lupe loves the Guerrilla Florist!! Lupe did not think that a chance afternoon errand would turn into an adventure!!! But, of course, this IS the Delmar Loop, where magical things are mundane!

So as Lupe adjourned her business at Screenz, she thought to stop at the Loop farmer's market for some fresh fruit.

In front of the Klinge sculpture, just a few feet away from the site of the very first Guerrilla Florist installation, was a new "bouquet" of corn husk rings and beautiful textured dried flowers, pods, leaves, vines, and a red plant that looked like a sea anemone. (This installation has amazing visual texture.)

The Guerrilla Florist website has photos of the twin installation on the other Klinge sculpture in front of Craft Alliance.

See you in the Loop!!!

Edit: The installation in front of Craft Alliance is truly a work of art! Very beautiful and stunning textures, colours, and arrangments!!!

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