Saturday, April 10, 2010


A wonderfully pleasant way to spend an early spring morning is to walk west on Delmar, through the Lion gates, to the park just passed Big Bend.

Lupe did just that the other morning. She likes to watch the ducks. Currently, a male mallard and male wood duck are in residence. Either their mates are hidden somewhere near by, or they await the women. (As all men do... and should...)

As Lupe was leaving, she noticed a number of whale and dolphin pinatas up in one of the oak trees. Now, there were about four or five, and they were up too high for anyone to break them open. They were also quite buoyant in the breeze, which made Lupe think perhaps they were empty.

Perhaps this is another stealth artist, like Guerrilla Florist? Lupe does not know.

Maybe a reader knows?

See you in the Loop!

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