Thursday, January 10, 2013


If you need smoking related items and you are in the Delmar Loop, you are well covered. There are four shops:

HSB Tobaccanist

This is an old school tobacco and cigar place, and they sell paraphernalia for other types of smoking minimally, and seemingly reluctantly.  (They are really not "420" friendly, although you can find some things there-- glass cigarettes, some papers, etc.  But if you are looking for a head shop, go to Emporium.)

It has been in business since Lupe was a wee babe, and was founded by the current owner's father. The founder, Bill Bueler, was well loved and somewhat of a Loop icon.  Read about him on the HSB website.

However, if you take a trip in on weekend nights or weekdays, you might find one of the original or other long time (30 plus years) employees, who will be glad to reminisce about Loop days past.

His daughter, Joe Edward's right hand person and Loop Special Business District President, Jessica Bueler, now runs the place and keeps it high profile in the Loop, on-line, and in promoting tobacco culture and smoking in Saint Louis.


This is the best "head" shop in the Loop.  They have an extensive collection of glass, and all the flavours of cigarillos you will need.  They also have all sorts of de-tox and other aids.

Unless you are seeking something extremely special or really high end, you can get what you need from Emporium.

You have to be buzzed in, and parking isn't always available in front.

Sunshine Daydream

A small chain, locally owned, Sunshine Daydream is one of Lupe's favourite places to shop for incense, t-shirts and burner/deadhead apparel, and music nostalgia (posters, pins, etc).  In fact, Lupe would daresay, there is no Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, or Jimi Hendrix item that you could not find at Sunshine Daydream, and a whole lot more!

Nestled right next to Vintage Vinyl, it is definitely lends the "college town" atmosphere and legacy to the Loop.

This isn't really a head shop, although they do have some items near the counter-- mostly glass cigarettes, pipes, papers, and detox.

They do sell American Spirit and clove cigarettes, and herbal cigarettes (you know like lobelia, lol).

They have an extensive selection of incense.  (If you can't find what you need, try Macro Sun, down the street in the only other remaining "college town" enclave of the Loop.)

They are a fun place to spend some time, and the staff is genuinely friendly and awesome.  Some of the best people in the Loop can be found in Sunshine Daydream, working and shopping!

EDIT:  Lupe is sorry she left out 

TNT Designs 

in her original post!  They have the BEST collection of glass and art, plus lots of jewelry and other stuff by local designers, plus hookah supplies.  They are in the East Loop and definitely one of the best local businesses around! 

See you "smokin'" in The Loop!

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