Saturday, January 12, 2013


There are TWO books of Les Edgerton's being offered FREE as Kindle editions through Amazon right now:


If you were lucky enough to hear Les Edgerton read at Noir At The Bar back in April then like Lupe you are probably a fan!

If you didn't get to hear him read, and you are a fan of true noir**, you will like Edgerton. 

He is the real deal.  In the Noir world he has the street cred for actually having served 2 years in prison.  And as a writer he is perhaps better known as the author of numerous Writer's Digest guides to writing.

He himself is like a real life book or movie character.  In fact, the man has had such a strange life it could probably be told in a whole series of stories.

He is most compared to Ed Bunker, as a writer.

So check it out if you have a Kindle!

Also, you can find many of the print editions, plus the EXCELLENT Noir At The Bar 2 (which includes an Edgerton short story, at Subby!!!

See you in The Loop!!!

**And Lupe says "true noir" because there is a kind of Tarantino-esque element to Noir these days. She finds it kind of tiresome. Not so much lurid as suburban fantasy.  Meaning to shock and thrill "respectable" society, instead of telling true stories of noir. 

Or the stories revolve around the narrator or protagonist adventure with a "tragic girl" or "dangerous woman" or a transgendered person, or drug addict, or felon.  "Bad" words are used liberally and casually to cover the fact the writer has gotten most of his information from other writers (Thompson, Stark, or perhaps Goines and Iceberg Slim).

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