Friday, August 6, 2010


There is so much going on this weekend Lupe doesn't know what to say!!!

Did you miss Tim Lane's awesome movie at Noir at the Bar on Wednesday? You can see it again tonight! And Joe Meno is there too!!!!

Lupe is posting to late for Art D Tour. They met at the Art Museum at 5:30. One of the tours comes to the Loop for the Regional Arts Commission and Craft Alliance.

Former Loopies Deb Douglas and Amy Bautz are part of Mad Art Six. Both are great ladies and really wonderful artists!!! Their eyes see things much more beautifully than most of us!!! The opening reception is tonight!

Tonight and tomorrow night is the "so bad it is good" movie Birdemic at the Tivoli's midnight movie.

You will want to go tonight because tomorrow is the big Reggae Fest at Atomic Cowboy in the Grove, featuring Loopies Papa Ray (Vintage Vinyl, KDHX Papa Ray Soul Selector),  and DJ The Mad Russian!

And tonight at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room is the Delmar Kingz! Also featuring Loop local DJ Chilly C!!!!!

See you in the Loop!!!


Scott and Amy said...

Hey, is the drum circle by Club Denim a regular thing on Sunday evenings? Is there a contact for that?


Lupe Delmar said...

Yes, it is a regular thing, although greatly truncated from its past incarnations. It begins at 4 and ends about 7. There is no contact, just show up.