Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today at about 1 PM, Star Clipper posted this:

So... A Pirate and a Sax Man are walking up and down the street while being filmed... Fleet hates pirates but respects the Sax Man. :/

Lupe was not able to investigate this. Which sax man? There are several.

And was the Pirate a Pastafarian? Or someone from St. Louis' premiere film production company, Pirate Pictures?

And what happened to Spiderman? He lurked above Star Clipper for some time, only to vanish mysteriously within the last month....

Maybe a reader knows the answer to all of these questions?

As usual, just too much exciting stuff going on in the Loop to keep up with it all!!

See you in the Loop!

EDIT: Spiderman belonged to a tenant in the apartment above Star Clipper. Further, he is rumoured to have vanished during the twister storm a month or so ago... Also, it occurred to Lupe that the Pirate might also have been from the Pirates exhibit at the St Louis Science Centre.

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