Sunday, February 28, 2010


Bikini season is coming, and, of course, we could all use a little more wheatgrass in our lives, so Lupe is substituting breakfast for a smoothie from Smoothie King.

The folks at Smoothie King really know their stuff. They can always answer questions about supplements and powders and such. (Just like a mediaeval apothecary, except the treatments are yummy and don't involve leeches and dried bat dung!)

Sometimes they can answer questions you didn't know you had. Like, "how can you make this smoothie with fewer calories and yet take away almost no flavour?"

Why, you take out the turbinado! (But not the honey-- Lupe still wants a little something to satisfy her sweet tooth.)

Lupe has been stuck on the Almond Mocha with a banana for a while now. Today she had a "Peach Slice Plus" (minus turbinado) and it was so good she doesn't know how she lived without it!!!

So if you are in the Loop and you want to have something delicious and nutritious, try Smoothie King, with or without the turbinado.

And get a card, every tenth smoothie is free! And Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you get a double punch on every medium or large smoothie!

See you in the Loop!!!

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